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Advice to prospective clients.

  1.Preliminary preparation
- It is recommended the idea for the future building to be thoroughly described.  In the text are listed the functions and the number of the premises, their approximate dimensions and areas, the views of the client for the materials and structures.  May also be collected ancillary materials, articles, photos, etc. as examples similar to the idea of the client. The detailed description of the idea can help in choosing an architect by offering different design teams uniform and complete data for the preparation of the tender.

The detailed description of the idea may be used later for drawing up the design assignment.

- It is advisable before proceeding to the design, the prospective client to clarify for themselves, economic viability of the idea for the new building.  If future building is with commercial function (commercial, industrial or building for sale/rental of space), the client would have to have business-plan in which to have solved all the economic issues.  Otherwise, the preparation of business plan in parallel with the design of the building it would change the design assignment in stage of the work when already are available some project works.
-providing of the main documents - documents for property/established right to build,drawings, sample of acting a detailed master plan(a visa for the design), etc.
 2. Designing
-Some people prefer to buy ready project to save the higher costs in the design of an individual project.  In most cases, however, the ready project is corrected by the wish of the client or due to needs of adaptation of the project to the available terrain, and this leads to the alignment of the prices of the two options.  In the case, however, that you have decided to buy your ready project, pre-explore what additional costs will have on the adaptation.

In most cases, the ready project costs as much as the developing an individual project

- If you have chosen to get an individual project, take time for it.  Explore different offers and select the architect with which you will be working.  If possible  for time limits which are sufficient for the normal development of the project. The more complex is one building, the more time is needed for the designing of it. Design of the large buildings requires more time than construction. I guess that you've seen clip on the internet, for the 10-storey hotel which is being built for only one week.  Such a thing is inconceivable without a detailed project ...
- Participate actively in the design process, not only that it will not cost additional expenses, but on the contrary - saves you nerves and money during construction.  In the contract for the design usually are given rights of the client :  To be acquainted with the work of the architect, to request changes or additions to the design development.  If such clauses are absent - request them. Get acquainted in detail with the decisions taken by the architect, discuss your ideas and considerations.

Change the building until it is on paper, and not when it is from a concrete ...

  - Choose energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.
3.Construction work
- It is advisable during the construction, the client to be advised or to hire a trusted competent specialist (consultant or investment control). He may participate in meetings with the architect, constructor, surveillance firm and advise client on all technical issues..
 4. Some popular facts:
- The value of the material constitutes about 55-65% of the price of the construction.
- Finishing work will cost at least as much as the primary construction of the building.
- Roof of the building cost as much as one floor. (for sloped roofs)
- The bathroom is worth as much as the daily (in apartments and houses - middle class)
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