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1. Preparation of a complete investment projects.
....................... > The role of the contractor in the
process of the creation of the building ...
> What should the prospective contractor
know about?
> Preliminary research...
> Choosing a designer ...

> What are the documents needed to
start the project?
> Standard design contract...
> Project assignment ...

> What are the stages of the construction and
investment process?

> What contains in the project of all of the parts?
> What contains each separate part of the project?

> Laws and regulations in the design
> Useful links
2. Preparation of architectural part.

3. Preparation of interior designs. -
4. Preparation of projects for:
- Reconstruction, repairs, renovations

- Modification of the designation of buildings.
- Partition of buildings and properties.

5.Preparation of partial projects:

- Facade layout design

- landscapes
- Pavement design

- Spreads of walls and cladding, soffits

- Design for summer kitchens, arbors, sheds

- Fences, pools, saunas, barbecues, fireplaces, furniture design, etc.

- Visualizations, computer animations, models, 3D panoramas and more.
- Architectural and geodetic surveys.

6.Consulting Services
- Supervision
- Authorization of projects, consultation for architects, construction companies and others.
- Free consultation for new clients.

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