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Laws and regulations in construction and design

Spatial Planning Act (SPA) - This law regulates the relationship between architect-contractor-builder, the social relations associated with the planning, investment design and construction in Bulgaria and determines the restrictions on property for development purposes.

Regulation # 1 dated 30.07.2003 on the nomenclature of structure types - defines the nomenclature of structure types for different categories depending on their characteristics, significance, complexity and risks of exploitation referred to in Art. 137, Para. 1 of SPA.
Regulation # 2 dated 31.07.2003 allowing the utilization of construction in Bulgaria.
Regulation # 3 dated 31 July 2003 for the drawing up of documents and reports during construction - The terms and conditions for the production of these documents for preparation, for opening the construction site, setting the building line and level, for acceptance of completed construction works, construction of the sites in different stages or parts thereof.
Regulation # 4 dated 21.05.2001 on the scope and content of the investment projects. The ordinance defining the scope and content of investment projects and the related preliminary (pre-investment) research and project assignments. This regulation applies to all objects, which require an approved investment project for the issuance of a building permit.
Regulation # 5 dated 28.12.2006 on technical passports of buildings.
Regulation on the conditions and procedures for compulsory insurance in design and construction.
Regulation # 7 dated 22.12.2003 laying down rules and regulations for different types of spatial and territorial development zones.
Regulation # 8 dated 14.06.2001 on the scope and content of development schemes and plans.
Regulation # 9 dated 22.5.2001 on licensing of individuals engaged in construction supervision.

Municipality of Sofia Planning and Development Act (ZUZSO)
Cadastre and Property Register Act (CPRA)
Environmental Protection Act (EPA)
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