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Stages in the Construction and Investment Process

This page in the form of a conspectus lists the key actions usually taken by the client during the time of the creation of the building (site).
1. Offer comparison, choosing an architect .

2. Preparation of design assignment. Commissioning and design contract.
a) Pre-planning studies to determine the location of the site, proof of legal eligibility, appropriateness of the investment idea.

3. Obtaining a design visa issued by the chief architect of the municipality within 14 days, on the grounds of an application.

4. Designing see page Content of the projects.

5. Submission of the projects for approval in the municipality.
Investment projects that are granted planning permission are coordinated and approved upon a written request by the contractor and upon presentation of:
a) ownership documents
b) design visa
c) three copies of the investment project
d) administrative acts which, depending on the type and size of construction are required as a condition for authorizing construction under the Protection of the environment law or a special law
e) conformity assessment - prepared by the Expert Council of the approving authorities or supervising company
f) a favorable opinion from the fire safety authorities
Coordination of the investment projects is to verify their compliance with:
a) predictions of the detailed development plan
b) the laws and regulations for spatial planning
c) requirements for interoperability between the parts of the project
d) structural integrity and compliance of the engineering calculations
e) requirements for the design, safe operation and technical supervision of high-risk facilities, if any.
All parts of approved investment projects shall be stamped with the seal of the municipal administration. In the event that within one year of approval of the investment project the contractor does not make an application for a building permit, the project loses legal action.

6. Building permit issued by the chief architect of the municipality, for cities divided in districts - by decision from the municipal council - the chief architect of the area. Issued to the contractor on the grounds of an approved project in working project stage. When changing the investment intentions after the issuance of a building permit only minor deviations from the approved investment project are allowed.

After the issuance of the building permit, modifications to the approved investment project in the range
of significant deviations are unacceptable.

Significant deviations from the approved investment project are deviations which:
- violate the predictions of the detailed development plan
- violate the requirements for construction in areas with special territorial protection
- are not compatible with the territory
- violate building laws and regulations, technical, technological, sanitary, environmental and fire safety requirements.
- change the structure and the type of structural elements and / or loads.
- violate the predictions of the project, repurpose objects, withdraw, or amend substantially shared areas of the building.
- change the type and location of common installations and systems in buildings and facilities
- change the type, level, location and route of transmission pipelines and facilities pertain to urban areas and common networks and facilities of the technical infrastructure in urban areas, as well as communication and transport networks and facilities and installations for waste disposal.

7.  Construction process
a) The starting of construction in accordance with the issued building permit is the day the protocol for opening the construction site is drafted and the construction line and level are determined, and when this is not required - the date of certification of the order book.
b) Opening of the construction site and determining the construction line and level is accompanied by an enacted building permit and in the presence of officials from the municipality, the person exercising constructional supervision for the site or a construction foreman for the fifth category sites.
c) For the opening of the site and the determining of the construction line and level a record is drawn, with an indication of regulation and elevation benchmarks.
d) The record for the opening of the construction site and determination of the construction line and level is kept indefinitely in the archives of the administration which issued the construction permit. Copy of the record is be kept by the contractor or person exercising construction supervision.
e) The procedure for carrying out field supervision during construction is determined by an agreement between the contractor and the architect. Author's supervision for the "Constructional” part is mandatory for all buildings.
f) Instructions of the designer associated with his intellectual property rights for precise abidance to his investment project are entered in the order book and are mandatory for all other participants in the construction.
g) The supervisor signs all documents and records during construction, necessary to evaluate the construction works, regarding safety requirements and legal implementation.

8. Use permit
a) After completion of the actual construction built documentation is prepared reflecting insignificant deviations from the approved plans, by the contractor or a person designated by the contractor.
b) The executive documentation contains a full set of drawings for actual construction work. It is certified by the contractor, the constructor, the person exercising supervision, by the individual exercising the technical control for the "Constructional" part and the person who performs constructional supervision. The transfer is certified with the stamp of the authority, put on all graphic and textual materials.

The executive documentation is an integral part of the construction papers.

c) Upon completion of the construction the contractor, the designer, the builder and the supervisor draw up an act which certifies that the construction is completed in accordance with the approved investment projects, the certified executive documentation, the construction requirements under Art. 169, Para. 1 and 2 of the SPA and the contract. To this Act protocols for the conduction of single testing of machines and equipments are applied.The transfer of the construction from the constructor to the contractor is made together with this act.
d) Upon completion of construction and completion of acceptance tests, when they are required, the contractor registers before the authority that issued the construction permit, the unit's commissioning by submitting a final report under Art. 168, Para. 6 of the SPA, contracts with utility companies for accession to the networks of the technical infrastructure.
e) Within seven days of receiving the request, the authority which issued the construction permit, after checking the completeness of the documents, registers the construction's commissioning and issues a certificate of commissioning.
f) Upon completion of the new building as well as after reconstruction, major renovation, major repair or reconstruction of an existing building, a technical passport of the building is drawn up. The technical passport is drawn up in two original copies - one for the contractor and one for the authority that issued the construction permit.
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